a device that'll let you control your computer just by thinking.

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start with the board.

ads1299. 8 channels.

Our PCB uses the ADS1299 to process electrode signals, supporting up to eight channels with support for more channels planned.


To interface with the board, communicating over Bluetooth is supported, allowing for wireless wearability.

we’re building more than just the most accessible board, though. we’re building the complete pipeline.

plug-and-play web ui.

record and store data.

classify multiple modalities.


The mind is the final frontier of human exploration. We're building telescopes for the next Galileo. We've been working on building the most affordable and refined devices to connect minds and machines.

We're a group of five teenagers (Henry, Cheru, JC, Sophia, and Nila) working on building a complete, accessible pipeline for brain computer interfaces. Our system consists of an inexpensive board for reading signals and ML software to process this data. We've been working on this remotely since November.

EEG hardware is expensive, with the average processing board costing upwards of $1,000, not including other necessary components like electrodes. Our goal is to build the pipeline we wish we'd had for 1/5th of the price.


Our PCB, the Trillium, utilizes the ADS1299. It contains everything needed to take electrode signals, filter noise, and send them to a computer, wirelessly, using an ESP32.

Currently, our plan is to finalize board development and begin to ship out boards by the end of Summer 2024. Then, we'll focus on utilizing our web dashboard to collect brain data and train a model to classify motor imagery (imagining moving your hands left/right/up/down).

We're currently looking for funding to continue to work on this during the summer of 2024. If you are interested in meeting us, you can email us at team[at]monolithbci[dot]com.